Monday, February 14, 2011

A not so valentineless Valentines

Valentines day I must confess is a source of great entertainment for me. Watching all of the salivating couples swoon over one another alone gives me reason to snicker to myself. Though honestly i cant get past the pathetic ways people try to express their so called "love" to one another. I cant understand how buying a cheap card, signing it " Love You Lots - Brandon" and coupling it with a teddy bear conveys any amount of ones love for another at all. I just hope that the guy I end up with has more sense than that. Not that I have expensive tastes you understand I simply believe that some one who has an ounce of feeling for some one else should understand that teddy bears don't appeal to people over the age of 12. Yes, I know what your thinking... these are the sad, and ramblings of valentineless critic. Sadly you are correct. I have no snookie poo, muffin cake , sugar dumpling, nor any other baked good to call my own ( is it just me or is referring to ones "love" as a pastry just weird?) Once again I spent Valentines devouring my chocolate in solitude( sad picture is it not?) and yet I couldn't be happier because below this post lies some four or five pictures of the people I love most in the world. All of which, ironically, live in the same house as I do. I call them my family and I love them all more than I can say.

I Love...

My Daddy because he is unlike any other man I have ever known. Kind Compassionate, full of love and mercy my Dad has within him what I like to call an uncommon strength. It is easy for men to act out in anger and label it as authoritative action but Dad doesn't have to do this to prove hes in charge and that's the reason i love and respect him so much. I cant name a handful of times my Dad has said or done a hate full or malicious thing . He is always there for his little girl with a jar of olives(my vice) and a kiss to let her know everything is going to be ok. My example and my hero i love him with all of my heart.

I Love...

My Mother for her strength and determination. My mother is truly a remarkable woman. Her creativity is manifested in everything she does whether its helping with a school project or decorating a room she has magnificent taste and style. I don't believe Ive ever met anyone with a sense of humor quite like my mothers haha. She is always ready for fun. Through out high school I would get strange looks from my piers when i told them my Mom and i "hung out". What can I say? Shes ten times more fun than most girls I know and all secrets are safe with her( Which as you know girls is not the case with the chicks that made up your click in high school:) When life gets hard she is my shoulder to cry on and my source of strength in difficulty. I love you Mom

I Love...

My little brothers...

I love my little Trevor because he is just so incredibly strange and entertaining, just kidding:) No, I cant say how much I love this little Blondie. Not only does he keep me rolling with laughter but his simple sweetness ( However infrequent) melts my heart. He tries so very hard to understand the world around him, confusing as it is. The other day we walked into the kitchen to find our Black Lab ,Candie, lying on the floor surrounded by a sea of garbage. She had once again raided the trash can. As soon as he spotted her , Trevor, with a disapproving grimace and an exasperated tone huffed, " Candie, what is wrong with you? Why are you so nervous?" Needless to say I died laughing. Trevors autism has taught me to be compassionate at trait i never would have had without him in my life. I love my backwards, sweet, hilarious, energetic little brother:)

I love Tyler for his quirky yet irresistible charm and sense of humor.Though he is my junior by four years I respect him for the work ethic he has developed and i envy him for it. Behind his tough exterior Tyler hides his tender and giving heart. He loves to take care of those he loves and does so by showering them with a constant flow of gifts( which i don't mind so much hehe). He and I share a unique sense of humor which makes every time we spend together fun and memorable. He is my best friend ( Sorry Eliza) and I can always count on him to be there when I need him and when i don't lol( ie. when I'm trying to study or read). Love you Tyler.

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